Gold Club Savings


  1. 1 Choose one of the five different denominations you want to save. (1-gram, 5-gram, 10-gram, ½ oz. or 1 oz.)
  2. 2 Choose the dollar amount that you want to contribute to your Gold Saving Account each month. We do have a $50 per month minimum.
  3. 3 Once your savings account is all setup, you will automatically be a member of the 31p1 Gold Club. As a Gold Club member, you will earn points for every dollar spent. The more you spend, the more you will earn. The three VIP levels within the Gold Club are Bronze, Silver and Gold. All new members enter at the Bronze level.
  4. 4In addition to your regular automatic contribution to your Gold Savings Account, you can, at any time, make one-time deposits to increase your cash balance of your Gold Savings Account by clicking on the “Deposit Funds” button on the top of your dashboard.
  5. 5 With the setup of your email and password, you can visit www.31p1.com, click on login and view your 31p1 gold account at any time. You will have full control over your account. So, if you would like to change the denomination, your savings amount, or your payment method, you can do so at any time by logging into your account. Under the “Dashboard” tab, select “Edit Subscription”.
  6. 6 All gold will be automatically vaulted by 31point1, LLC, FREE of charge. Having the gold vaulted allows you to participate in the 31p1 exchange program. The following are the Vaulting and Shipping Guidelines put in place by 31point1, LLC:
    • a: Your gold is automatically vaulted by 31point1, LLC on a quarterly basis. All the gold purchased within your Gold Savings Account any given quarter, will remain in the “In Process” stage until approximately the 3rd week of the following quarter. At this point, 31p1 receives the quarterly gold shipment from Nadir, Turkey and moves your gold status from “In Process” to “Vaulted”.
    • b: The following are the quarter ending dates and approximate vault dates for the entire year for your reference:
    • i. Quarter 1 – Ends March 31 – 1st quarter gold is vaulted approx. April 21
    • ii. Quarter 2 – Ends June 30 – 2nd quarter gold is vaulted approx. July 21
    • iii. Quarter 3 – Ends September 30 – 3rd quarter gold is vaulted approx. October 21
    • iv. Quarter 4 – Ends December 31 – 4th quarter gold is vaulted approx. January 21
    • c: Your gold is fully insured by 31 point1, LLC while it is shipped and vaulted.
    • d: Once your gold is moved to the “Vaulted” stage, you can request to have all, or part of your vaulted gold shipped to you at that point. From your dashboard, you will select “Withdrawal” and select any amount of your vaulted gold bars to be shipped.
    • e: Once your gold has been shipped by 31p1, you will be able to click on “Track Withdrawal” from your dashboard. Here you will find the tracking number for your gold shipment.
  7. 7 The following are the Gold Exchange Guidelines put in place by 31point1, LLC:
    • f: The gold in your vault can be exchanged at the current market price which is posted under the “Our Gold” tab at www.31p1.com
    • g: You may exchange a MAXIMUM of 3 ounces per month from your vaulted gold account.
    • h: The process of exchanging gold to cash must be in whole bar increments. Example: If you are saving strictly in 10-gram bars and you have accumulated 3 bars, or 30 grams, then you can exchange only in 10 gram increments.
  1. 8You may discontinue your gold savings account anytime by clicking on the “Cancel Subscription” button.
    • i: Your gold that is vaulted with 31point1, LLC will remain vaulted until you login to your account and request your vaulted gold to be shipped.
    • j: Any remaining “Available Cash Balance” that is in your account at the time of cancellation, will remain in your account. You can request these funds anytime by logging into your dashboard and clicking on the cash withdrawal tab.
    • k: Refunds of any “Available Cash Balance” will be processed in 1 to 2 business days and a check will be mailed to you, via First Class mail to the address on file
  2. 9 The Gold Savings account helps individuals secure their financial stability at a cost as low as $5.99 / month.
  3. 10 Please consult a tax professional to determine any future capital gains taxes that may be incurred from the sale of your gold.