What is a 31p1?

The term 31p1 is derived from the number of grams in a troy ounce of gold, which is 31.1. The premise behind a 31p1 is for employers to offer their employees an effective new benefit that allows anyone, at any income level, to save in gold in amounts as small as one gram or as large as one ounce. This new savings vehicle will help employees turn spending habits into saving habits which will begin to reverse the savings and retirement crisis we are facing today.

  • A 31p1 is an employer-sponsored Gold Savings Account.
  • Oftentimes, employers provide a match of a set percentage.
  • Employees consistently save through paycheck deferrals.
  • Plans are flexible for each employer and employee.

Why a 31p1?

The time has come for all of us to take control of our own financial future. There is no doubt that we have a savings and retirement crisis that involves the majority of our working population. The financial golden rule of paying ourselves first is probably the most important financial habit we can cultivate. This is exactly what the 31p1 program offers to all employees and employers. It is very clear that employee benefits play a key role in the success of any business. We urge you to consider our newly developed 31p1 gold savings program as your next benefit to both your employees and your business.

31p1 or 401k?

How Does a 401k Stack Up?

  • Not Eligible for cash withdrawal until age 59.5.
  • Employee maximum annual contribution is $18k.
  • Early withdrawal fee of 10%.
  • 35% income tax due on withdrawals.
  • Costly administration fees.

What if I already Have a 401k?

That is great if you do. That means you understand the importance of saving to secure your financial future. The 31p1 is a great compliment to a 401k in two ways:

  • Roll 31p1 physical gold into your current 401k
  • Start additional savings with a 31p1

Over a long period of time gold has proven to maintain its purchasing power while cash has declined because of inflation. Gold has shown to be inflation proof. Therefore, you can look at it as an insurance policy on your cash. A 31p1 is not intended to replace a 401k, but to give individuals an additional vehicle to secure their financial future, but in real money… Gold.

How Does a 31p1 Work?

Employee determines what dollar amount to contribute.
Employer has the option to match a certain percentage of the contributions.
Employee payroll deductions and employer contributions are tracked in the 31p1 program.
When employee's account reaches threshold, their account will transfer to physical gold.
Physical gold will be distributed by employer quarterly to employees.

Start your company's 31p1 today!