The next big thing in retirement savings

Save Gold

If you want to best ensure your financial health stay in tip top shape throughout your long awaited retirement, buy gold as a perfect investment. A finite rarity the world craves, investing in gold bars is straightforward and offers a way to store wealth securely over the longer term. You’ll find many well-respected investment experts and financial advisors always recommend gold be included in every retirement fund. From physical gold to stocks to gold-backed assets there are diverse options for those who choose to prepare for retirement with gold.

Preserve your current wealth in traditional safe haven

Your retirement fund is supposed to safely accumulate, preserving hard-earned capital until you retire, so that you can remain comfortable during your days of leisure. The great majority of advisors urge clients to build a balanced portfolio of investments, containing everything from a few risky, high-return stocks to low-risk assets such as gold and silver. While gold is traditionally thought of as the oldest form of money, the yellow metal unlike currency, cannot simply be printed, therefore it can’t be debased. When you choose to store your wealth in gold, you are choosing an asset which historically holds value securely.

Invest in Gold Stocks

You might think investing in gold stocks is only for investors who are deeply entrenched in the stock market, but the fact is that anyone can invest in gold stocks.

There is a purchasing power that accompanies this decision, if you make sure you take the time to monitor your financial investments. That means spending time choosing the right gold stocks to put your money into, and sitting down on a regular basis to determine whether they are stocks that continually benefit your wealth and savings strategy. 

Invest in a gold IRA

Finally, if you want to invest in gold for your retirement savings, you may want to consider investing in a gold-backed individual retirement account (IRA). Self-directed IRAs can contain non-traditional investments such as real estate and precious metals, though you’ll have to follow special rules.

Buy gold physically

If you choose to buy physical gold for retirement, you’ll also have to consider where you’re going to keep your gold bars, coins or bullion. Many investors opt to pay a storage fee to keep their gold at a bank depository, but you can also set up your own safe at your home. You’ll need to think about what option is best for you when considering your retirement goals.

Save in gold with 31p1

While considering all the methods by which you can create an investment portfolio, save gold in a gold savings account is the safest yet risk-free method. 31p1 is a unique concept that enables individuals and employers to save in gold by simply creating an account, declare their saving frequency, denomination of gold and start saving. By signing up with 31p1, you can save in physical gold which will be vaulted once your threshold is met and then delivered to your doorstep when your require it.

Get ready to start turning your spending habits into saving habits and have your retirement secured.