Looking for top gold companies to invest in?

top gold companies to invest in

Gold has been considered a safe haven in times of turmoil. Observations prove that investors have happened to gain interest in the gold industry by buying stocks of companies that are engaged in the exploration and mining of this precious metal. Amongst the list of the best gold companies to invest in includes mining companies like NewCrest Mining ltd. (NCM), Wheaton Precious Metals Corp (WPM), and Franco Nevada Corp.

Investing in stocks of gold mining companies is a stable investment because when the prices of gold increase, the stock prices include to. When it comes to investing in the stocks of a gold mining company, one should do their homework to experience a good return. Before you invest, make sure that the company is amongst the top gold companies to invest in and has a history of steady production. Read annual reports of the best gold companies to invest in and learn if they’re laboring under a mountain of debt.

Even if the company you’ve shortlisted is amongst the top gold companies to invest in, some risks still accompany your investment. The biggest risk for gold companies is that their key driver of sales and profits, the gold prices, are highly unpredictable. This is a risk shared by all commodity stocks, and investors must be able to digest some volatility to invest successfully in metals and mining.

The ten top gold companies to invest in the USA include the following names:

  1. Barrick Gold
  2. Newmont Mining
  3. Franco-Nevada
  4. Agnico Eagle Mines
  5. Goldcorp
  6. Yamana Gold
  7. Kirkland Lake Gold
  8. Royal Gold
  9. Kinross Gold
  10. B2Gold

Is gold really a safe investment?

Even if you’ve chosen the best gold companies to invest in, gold isn’t a bulletproof investment by any means. In 1980, gold hit a peak at $875 an ounce, then either sank or stayed stagnant for almost 20 years. The price of gold decreased in 1999 at $252.80 before prices finally began climbing again. If gold slumps again, so will the demand for gold, and even the top gold companies to invest in’s profits and share prices will drop too. Some companies don’t prosper even when the price is going up, such as new gold-mining ventures that discover they don’t have any gold on their property.

Gold mining stocks or a stable investment?

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